Reality increases to get to know one's own cultural heritage better

C3 - Italy. Istituto Comprensivo Antonino Rallo

C3. Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Virtual Mobility

Short -term joint staff training events - Training activity (Teachers)

First Day: 29th of June 2021

Augmented Reality: methodology presentation by Favignana

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C3. Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

Phisycal Mobility

First Day: 9th of October 2022

Meeting and Favignana's students show, by a map in the main square, their island telling some stories of the past. Visit to "La Tonnara": a guided tour to discover the life, the people, the work in Favignana in the last century 

Second Day: 10th of October 2022

Welcome (with a musical performance) and introduction of all participants, school visit by students of I.C. Rallo. Introduction by Guarino L. to the topic " the Augmented Reality" and MAKR, the app by which all participants will enjoy this topic in the following days. The groups start to get familiar with the tools of the app

Third Day: 11th of October 2022

Augmented Reality training: all participants are shared in five groups to make a video. Product planning: topic, pictures, audio and eventual background song are discussed in each group. Turtles release at Burrone beach and trip around the island by boat

Fourth Day: 12th of October 2022

Augmented reality training: groups use MAKR app to create the scenes of their video (teamwork). Visit to "The impossible garden" 

Fifth Day: 13th of October 2022

Augmented reality training: groups record their video and edit it with background music and audio by iMovie app. LIPDUB: all partners show the videos they made in their schools; each one is presented by students 

Sixth Day: 14th of October 2022

All groups show the Augmented Reality videos they edited the day before. Learning by Games: Esposito A. shows the games in the app Wordwall; teachers and students are involved in playing and they are told how to create a game using the available tools. They try to create a game by themselves. Visit to Turtle center. Lunch tasting local food made by students'families