E-Twinning to create innovative pedagogical partnerships between schools

C6 - Italy. Istitutio Comprensivo Vincenso Gemito

Physycal mobility in Anacapri 13rd - 18th of April 2023

......what we did....in this video. Click here!

First day 13th of April

Historical centre tour and activity of storytelling by local students. Welcoming ceremony. Visit of the school IC Gemito held by hosting teachers and, at the end, all the Erasmus participants join classes (scientific and art laboratories, technical activity, computer class). Presentation of activities and island tours by coordinator A. Esposito. Introduction to ESEP platform and creation of a "group" on eTwinning with all Erasmus participants (after registration). Mobility questionnaires results (discussion). In the meanwhile, foreigner students join music activity playing in orchestra.

Second day 14th of April

Capri tour on feet. Major's  building visit and welcoming. Villa Lysis and Natural Arch. 

ETwinning activity by Anacapri's coordinator in thr multimedial centre of Capri. Presentation of Twinspace to manage a project, ESEP platform, how to find partners by ESEP toolbar, how to create a project by eTwinning. All participants in small mixed groups discuss and create a small project using the eTwinning template provided (Drive module). 

In the meanwhile hosting and foreigner students participate to sensorial activity in the Carthusian Monastery of Saint James: Knowledge of Mediterranean plants, how they are and were used, their smell. (storytelling and learning by game) 

Visit to Augustus Gardens, ice cream and back to the hotel!

Third day 15th of April

Walk to Punta Tragara. The Cerio Museum, history and science of Capri island.  

CLIL activity: all partner schools show their CLIL activities by slides and videos. 

Fourth day 16th of April

Anacapri countryside. How to product oil, visit to a olive grove and entreprise

Fifth day 17th of April

Tour of the island by boat. Final report discussion (coordinators only). Delivery of certificates.

Sixth day 18th of April

Sport Festival in Anacapri (outdoor sport event for students only in the Anacapri village). Teachers activities: weaknesses and strengths in our islands, weaknesses questionnaire and  discussion. Our eTwinning group. Final conclusion.