LIPDUB: a new form of unconventional communication to describe a work environment

C4 - Estonia. Kärla Basic School

The invitation to mobility 

The program for C-4, LIPDUB, May 22.-27., 2022

Day 1, Sunday, May 23th, 2022

And you are truly here!

We started with story - story of island Saaremaa and it's capital - Kuressaare.

We visited the Bishop Castle and did some treasure hunting - learning about history of Saaremaa.

Day 2, Monday, 23th May, 2022

Welcome to Kärla Basic School! Tere tulemast Kärla kooli!

On Monday morning, the whole school gathered in the hall to welcome our project guests from Reunion, Capri, Favignana and Gran Ganaria. In the hall, the choir sang a beautiful Estonian patriotic song and also the theme song of the project "We are all connected by the sea". It was suggested sung by everyone in the hall to create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Feel free to sing along anytime:

After handing over the greeting gifts in a designed bags by Kärla School, our English teacher Morten introduced the school's study organization to the guests. Now it was great time to walk around the school with 6th-graders Laurete, Rosette, Laura and Janell, who gave the guests a school tour to tell the story of our school life. 

LIPDUB introduction!

We got very busy after lunch, because we started the LIPDUB workshop. 

First, Kaidi, the instructional designer, described the theoretical background of LIPDUB.

"LIPDUB - it is a type of video that combines LIP SYNCHING and AUDIO DUBBING to make a music video. It is made by filming individuals or a group of people lip synching while listening to a song or any recorded audio then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song." 

Find out more info about LIPDUB:

And then Morten, the English teacher, took over and talked about what and how we had made our own LIPDUB. In this context, he shared a number of suggestions and tips to keep in mind during the planning process of LIPDUB. We showed a video of our own LIPDUB and also a video that showed the behind the scenes of the LIPDUB filming. In addition, we watched some of the best and not so good examples from YouTube, which we all analysed together (what we liked, what could have been done differently in the video, etc.).

We ended the day with everyone starting to look for a music from Yotube that could be used to make a LIPDUB video as part of the current project week activities.

This is our behind the scenes LIPDUB video:

This is our LIPDUB video:

Day 3, Tuesday, 24th May, 2022

LIPDUB teams and idea forming!

First thing in the morning, we started forming LIPDUB teams. As there were the most people from Italy, we lined them up and asked them to count 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 to divide them into No 1 and No 2 groups. Then we added Gran Canaria people to one group and Reunion people to the other. Also, we divided the Estonian students equally into one group and the other. In this way we wanted to mix the nationalities to develop cooperation and language skills.

After the teams were formed, a director, a cameraman, an assistant, actors and other roles were chosen. Then we started to write down the songs we had chosen the day before, from which we had to choose one for our own video. All the ideas and tools needed to make a LIPDUB video had to be written down. This took some time because all the details had to be discussed together.

After lunch we refreshed our thoughts from LIPDUB and worked together internationally by playing the Olympic Games in our own way. The Estonian spring was friendly and allowed all this to take place outdoors in the fresh air. The whole schoolyard was full of joy, fun and activities. 


Day 4, Wednesday, 25th May, 2022

LIPDUB props making!

Once again we started planning LIPDUB early in the morning, this time making props for the video. We needed different decorations, posters, party elements etc. So, together we did international art and crafts to make the final videos look gorgeous.

At the same time, we could also practice the movements from one room to another, so by the time we will be filming, it would be easy.

LIPDUB filming!

The final filming started after lunch. One group had chosen to film inside the school and the other group filmed outside. LIPDUB expects the video to be filmed in a single shot, with the action moving from one room to another, from one activity to another, at the same time, without much editing at the end. Of course, we had to re-shoot the video several times, because upon review, it became clear, that was intended to be shown in the video during the rhythmic movement was not there in the video.

After a number of tests, it was decided that the video is good enough and the filming is done. It was possible to start replacing the background sound of the video with original music. This is how our own LIPDUB editing process looked like:

Meanwhile, there was a learning session for teachers, where we had a chance to learn from Antonio (from Anacapri), how to use learning games as a useful tool in the teaching process. He introduced us EDUCAPLAY -

Day 5, Thursday, 26th May, 2022

  • Teachers visit a 3D modelling class. 
  • Presenting of Storytelling case studios. Look our storytellings here
  • Outdoor party for guests and hosts in schoolyard

Day 6, Friday, 27th May, 2022

LIPDUB presentation!

We had time to edit our videos - add the credits and finish all the things we had to do before the grand final show. 

And then it was time to gather all together in the hall again to show all the others from the school that the project team has done all these days.

A small tour of Saaremaa before leaving 


As we all agreed, we all make now another LIPDUB video in our own school to develop the LIPDUB skills. The videos will be uploaded by the end of the Oct 2022. 

Stay tuned!